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Huntington Beach, California

H U N T I N G T O N  B E A C H *


Marina Del Rey, California

M A R I N A  D E L  R E Y *


Sorry for all the things I said when it was winter & Point Dume love *

I finally went to the beach last Sunday and I can't express how happy I was. It felt like it has been forever and feeling the fresh air of the ocean on my face, the warm sand on my skin has been all that I was missing lately. I, once again, will start sounding like a broken record, but life often gets pretty busy and it's not always easy to find the time to relax. I miss exploring, I miss wandering and I can't wait for the day I will travel the world. But when I am at the beach, my mind is at peace and I know that everything will eventually be ok. I don't have much to say tonight, just that I still work hard to try to achieve my dreams and have many more days like this one. I have to remember that not everything is always definitive, the bad as well as the good; I know I should be more grateful. I've already lived and experienced so much here, more than I imagined and I cannot wait for what is next to come. Sometimes silence is more powerful than words - so really, all I want to share tonight is some sunshine and a pretty ocean view.


San Clemente, California

S A N  C L E M E N T E *

I have to say, I am pretty happy to be finally writing and sharing some photos & thoughts. I know I said it before and I probably start sounding like a broken record, but things have been quite busy lately and I haven't found the time or I haven't made the time to share. But I made a promise to myself and I prefer quality over quantity. I actually worked on two other posts recently, and I ended  up not sharing them, simply because I wasn't happy with the result. I felt like it didn't correspond to me, to the blog, and I preferred to not share anything than sharing something that I wasn't satisfied about. Anyway, all of this to say that I am happy to share this week, that I'm sorry I don't share much lately and that sooner or later, it will all be like I want it to be


Venice Love

I was full of hopes and desires for this new year, but it hasn't really quite turned out the way I wanted it to and I have to admit that it hasn't really been easy. But that's life after all and even more than thousands of kilometers away from home, my natural self has followed. Everyone always thinks that because you live so far away, everything must be going for the best, but behind all the palms and sunshine, there also are some rough days. I refuse, however to beat myself down and even if it gets harder, I promise to always try to live to the fullest. I more than ever have a thirst for adventures and all I think about is traveling. To the extent that it probably annoys everyone around me (I know for a fact it does), but to travel is to live and there are no words to explain how happy and how fully alive I feel when I travel. I've always been a dreamer and traveling is my dreams coming through.