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Hi friends! I know it has been a while (again), but it's finally time for a new edition of Food Lovers. As a quick reminder, I started the Food Lovers' category so I could share the places I like to eat/drink/go out at/to, etc. in LA. Every time I plan on visiting a new city/place, I try to look for recommendations and find them really useful as it's not always easy when you barely know anything (and want to have the best time possible!). With research, I have discovered so many yummy places and that's why I decided to share my favorites too! Why several different posts rather than a master list? Well, because that way I can share photos of each place as well as some tips/stories, etc. I know I am not doing these posts as often as I said I would, but for the past couple months, I have been eating at the same places over and over and didn't have much news to share - but below are some of my favorite healthy options and I can't wait to share them!


Catalina Island, California

C A T A L I N A  I S L A N D * 


Huntington Beach, California

H U N T I N G T O N  B E A C H *


Marina Del Rey, California

M A R I N A  D E L  R E Y *