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Venice Love

I was full of hopes and desires for this new year, but it hasn't really quite turned out the way I wanted it to and I have to admit that it hasn't really been easy. But that's life after all and even more than thousands of kilometers away from home, my natural self has followed. Everyone always thinks that because you live so far away, everything must be going for the best, but behind all the palms and sunshine, there also are some rough days. I refuse, however to beat myself down and even if it gets harder, I promise to always try to live to the fullest. I more than ever have a thirst for adventures and all I think about is traveling. To the extent that it probably annoys everyone around me (I know for a fact it does), but to travel is to live and there are no words to explain how happy and how fully alive I feel when I travel. I've always been a dreamer and traveling is my dreams coming through.



Hi loves! It's time for the first Food Lovers' edition of the year and as always I am excited to share these addresses! As a quick reminder, I created the Food Lovers' category in order to share some of my favorite places to eat/drink/go out in L.AIf you missed the previous editions, you can find them all HERE. Why several editions? Because I did not want to regroup all the addresses I like in one place (meaning one single post); I find it very tedious to read and that way I can describe a little bit more and tell you why I love these places so much. And why this particular name? Well, because (of course) I myself love food and I believe that it always makes thing better!


Hogwarts Will Always Be There to Welcome You Home (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution to their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic.” 

― Lewis Carroll


Malibu Pier

The more I spend time in Malibu, the more I fall in love with it. To many, Malibu turns out to be a disappointment and I won't hide that it used to be one for me too. Just a quick stop on a way to San Francisco, not much more to offer than all the other pretty beaches I stopped at before. Overrated, yes, that was the word I used in the past. I had this thought almost four years ago, and my mind has changed a lot since then; same with my life. For the better or worse, I am sometimes not quite sure. But that was then, and this is now. Now, I simply love it and could spend all of my weekends in this place. Maybe it's just the memories associated with it that make it all particular, but I do really affection it (Previous posts HERE, HERE & HERE).


LA: The Getty Villa

Hi loves! For those of you who visit this blog since the very beginning, you might remember that I did previously post about the The Getty Villa (and if you don't, it's ok :). It was just a little post that I since then deleted (simply because I was not happy with the photos - so yes the little OCD side of me just got rid of it all ha), but I am re blogging about it today, because I recently visited it again and I had such a good time (& I am much happier with the photos now).