“You can’t lie to your soul.” _ Irvine Welsh.

S A N  D I E G O  L O V E *

I know it has been a while, but sharing seemed overly complicated these last few weeks. Life seems to have gone way too fast and there was always something else requiring attention, or sometimes, nothing at all. Just the need to do nothing, to reset. But, tonight (or this morning, wherever you are in the world), I wanted to share these  shots that I captured a few months ago. I miss San Diego every single day, so every time I get to go back, it's a delight, a chance to break from the routine and simply live. I just spent a day, walking around my favorite areas and recounting memories of a past life. My time there seems so far, yet still so close. It is still my home away from home, even though I have a new one now. You can never be certain that the choices you've made are the correct ones, as you will never know what it could have been. But you can also never know for sure, what can be and just the thoughts of knowing that there are so many possibilities, is comforting. 

I just went back to San Diego two days ago. I did not take any photos this time, it was just about living in the moment and realizing how lucky I am. 

__ xx Célia

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