Catalina Island, California

C A T A L I N A  I S L A N D * 
Hi loves! For my birthday this year, I wanted to do something special. Truth be told, I always try to do something special and I spent the last two years in Malibu, which was lovely (what's better than a day at the beach?), but this year, I wanted to go somewhere new. 

Catalina is an island off the coast of California - I didn't know about its existence before I moved here, but once I discovered it, I only had one thing in mind: visiting it. So of course, I annoyed G. for about a year and finally got to go for my birthday. In fact, you get a free boat ride with Catalina Express on your birthday (along with discounts on the island) - which is pretty awesome. So this was the perfect occasion. We decided to go only a few days before and even though there are boats going back and forth all day, not many were still available when we decided to book it (I advise to plan in advance, especially in the summer). Catalina Express departs from three locations: San Pedro, Long Beach and Newport Beach. We boarded out of San Pedro and arrived in Avalon, the main city of the island. The second city, which is significantly smaller is Two Harbors and it is on the opposite side of the island. 

The boat ride is about an hour and we arrived around 1PM. The city is relatively small and you can walk almost everywhere. For the rest, there are golf carts. Fun fact, there are only a few cars on the island and the wait list to get one is I believe over 15 years or so. So everyone is riding golf carts and it's pretty cool.

For once, I didn't plan much beforehand and just decided to explore. The view was so beautiful, it felt so different and for some reasons, it reminded me of Italy. Short version, I loved it. It was pretty crowded, but it didn't take any of the beauty away. After walking around Avalon Beach, we decided to rent a golf cart to go up the mountain and admire the views - of course, the golf carts were sold out (thus why planing ahead is handy); but we found a place that would take reservations and we just had to wait for about 20 minutes before getting one. We rented the cart for an hour and a half, which gave us enough time to drive around and stop for photos. This was so much fun and I really advise doing it. Exploring the island a bit further is also something to do as you can spot bisons! We didn't have the time to do it, but again, it was not really on my to do list as we just had a day. No need to say that I definitely plan to go back and this time, stay a night.
After that, we walked to the Descanso Beach Club, where you can eat, drink and dance on the beach. It's pretty fun, but mostly, the view is amazing. The mountains in the background give a wild vibe to it. 

We took the boat back to LA at 10PM, so we spent our whole day on the island. I had one of the best birthday I ever had and one of the best day so far this year. I haven't travelled much this year yet and I can't explain how good it felt exploring a new city. If you visit LA and want to expect the city for a bit, do yourself a favor and spend a day on Catalina, I promise you'll love it. The boat ride is not cheap ($75 round trip), but again, nothing to regret about it. 

Catalina, I loved you. I live for these feelings and I cannot wait to explore the rest of our beautiful world (#patience). 

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- Xxx Célia.

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