Sorry for all the things I said when it was winter & Point Dume love *

I finally went to the beach last Sunday and I can't express how happy I was. It felt like it has been forever and feeling the fresh air of the ocean on my face, the warm sand on my skin has been all that I was missing lately. I, once again, will start sounding like a broken record, but life often gets pretty busy and it's not always easy to find the time to relax. I miss exploring, I miss wandering and I can't wait for the day I will travel the world. But when I am at the beach, my mind is at peace and I know that everything will eventually be ok. I don't have much to say tonight, just that I still work hard to try to achieve my dreams and have many more days like this one. I have to remember that not everything is always definitive, the bad as well as the good; I know I should be more grateful. I've already lived and experienced so much here, more than I imagined and I cannot wait for what is next to come. Sometimes silence is more powerful than words - so really, all I want to share tonight is some sunshine and a pretty ocean view.

Point Dume lookout: Cliffside Dr & Birdview Ave, Malibu, CA 90265.

- Why do you have to take photos all the time? Some things can't be looked through a camera. 
- I know that. It's for my memories.
- You can capture it with your eyes. 
- It's not about how it looked, it's about how I felt. 

_ I take photos to remember feelings. 

- Xxxx Célia

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