Venice Love

I was full of hopes and desires for this new year, but it hasn't really quite turned out the way I wanted it to and I have to admit that it hasn't really been easy. But that's life after all and even more than thousands of kilometers away from home, my natural self has followed. Everyone always thinks that because you live so far away, everything must be going for the best, but behind all the palms and sunshine, there also are some rough days. I refuse, however to beat myself down and even if it gets harder, I promise to always try to live to the fullest. I more than ever have a thirst for adventures and all I think about is traveling. To the extent that it probably annoys everyone around me (I know for a fact it does), but to travel is to live and there are no words to explain how happy and how fully alive I feel when I travel. I've always been a dreamer and traveling is my dreams coming through.

Once again, my words are not quite making sense tonight. I am not here to complain, but pardon me, it always did me some good to put my thoughts into words. I've tried to write before and it took me more than a month to be back here. I really wish I had more time for this blog of mine because I really enjoy doing it. I guess sometimes I do have the time, but I am just not really putting it towards it. I often prefer losing myself in TV shows that I am not sure are good for me. 

So yeah, I haven't posted in more than a month, but I have been working on posts I promise & tonight I wanted to share some Venice Beach love. I have to admit that Venice Beach hasn't always been my favorite area of LA, but it's growing on me. And I always loved Venice Canals so much. I actually think that the Canals are really one of my favorites. I could walk around there all day. And Venice, well, like I said, it's growing on me. It does have this California vibe that I love so much and the last day I had over there was perfect in every way. I sometimes forget everything I did, the moments with family & friends that I sacrificed just to have this kind of views right by my door. Expatriation is not always easy and if sometimes it feels like the hardest thing I might have done, there are moments that are so amazing that it beats it all. I think that life is all about these moments, that we should do what we want and what we love, that we all should enjoy every seconds, even when it seems impossible because time goes by so fast and we don't have the luxury to waste any. 

__ texts from a book that I have yet to write. 

- Xxx Célia

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