Newport Beach, California

"We've been on the run, driving in the sun" *

I never use to watch The O.C when I was in France, so you couldn't really say that it was one of the reasons that pushed me to come to California. I actually started to watch the show when I first came here, in San Diego. And I know that it's not always the best, but after re watching it for a second time this year, I have to admit that this is one of my favorites. I even think I liked it more by watching it while I was living here than if I would have watched it when I was back home.

I love the tone, the "atmosphere" of it, probably because I know all too well how it really feels. I think that's what I cherish the most: the California atmosphere. My second home. I may have been here for only (or already, depends how you look at it) four years, but it feels like my whole life and anything that happened before that, is now only a blur memory, a mere souvenir - while I can remember all the things that happened here, all like it was yesterday. Maybe my life started again when I came here and maybe it will start again somewhere else one day. The world is vast and I know that what my body is waiting for, is no more than to discover & explore it. But like any firsts, California is my very first and will always be under my skin. I know it sometimes sounds cliché, but it's true: I have found here a place where I feel at home. Of course and sadly it doesn't always bring the best in me, but it brought me my best memories, my best years and I wouldn't exchange them for anything else.

I wasn't really sure what to write tonight on this very particular date. But the words started to flow on their own and I guess that's what it should be. My eyes will be tired tomorrow, but I've always written better at night. It's a little paradox in this country, cause I've noticed that people are always up very early - but me, I've always been a night owl and I guess that after 25 years, it might be a little late to change that. Maybe you've already given up on reading this nonsense, but if you haven't, I hope it says something and just doesn't look like random words put together. Tonight, all I wanted was to write. 

However, let's be back to the topic here shall we? Newport Beach. As you probably got it now, I love The O.C and of course I wanted to visit it after watching the show. I quickly realized that it wasn't shot there and not looking exactly quite like it, but California is so beautiful not matter what, that I simply forgot about it and just enjoyed the view. You too should stop for a bit in this city. It's peaceful and beautiful. I even saw dolphins - in December, and a lot of them this time (my 3rd time to be exact and every time this is just such a happy feeling). The piers of course, are to see (Newport Pier and Balboa Pier) - it wouldn't be California if there wasn't any Piers, would it? And even if you don't have much time, you should just walk around, feel California at its finest. 

So I had a great day. And I wish I could relive it. More than a day, I had four great years and I'm hopeful for what comes next. It better be good though, because Cali, oh Cali, you'll be a little hard to beat. Xx

- Love, Célia Xx

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