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Hi loves! For those of you who visit this blog since the very beginning, you might remember that I did previously post about the The Getty Villa (and if you don't, it's ok :). It was just a little post that I since then deleted (simply because I was not happy with the photos - so yes the little OCD side of me just got rid of it all ha), but I am re blogging about it today, because I recently visited it again and I had such a good time (& I am much happier with the photos now).

The villa, alongside The Getty Museum, is part of The Getty Center (I talk about it here *). Even though I really like the Museum and its garden, I think I like the Villa even more. The villa has been reproduced to resemble a Roman villa & if like me, you studied Latin in middle school and love Italy (who doesn't?), this will look very familiar to you. The villa is also a museum and exhibits all sorts of Roman and Greek artifacts. However, once again, the most beautiful part for me, are the gardens. These are so peaceful to explore that I could spend my whole day just walking around. The Villa is free to visit, only a few dollars is needed for parking (and if you visit both the Getty Museum & The Villa on the same day, you will just need to pay parking once (yaaay!). (Also, don't forget to reserve before the visit - HERE). 

Not too many words today, I just hope you will enjoy the photos as much as I do - I spent a few hours with my mom at the end of November and we had such a good time. It was on a weekday, so it was pretty quiet and so relaxing. By the way, if you do plan on visiting it, I would recommend spending the morning there and then going for a late lunch in Malibu - no better way than to spend a day *

- Xxx Célia

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