(Snowy) Big Bear Lake, California

I wasn't sure how to start writing this post, except that I am happy to finally have found the time to write a little (even though I did have to watch five episodes of The Affair before I could do so ha). Life has been a little too busy lately and I wish I could have been back sooner, but I like to do things well so I waited to be completely off before starting blogging again.

If there was one thing I was planning to do for a long time, it was this one: visiting Big Bear under the snow! I went to Big Bear a couple times, but always during the springtime (little story here) and I was very impatient to visit it during winter. And I have to admit that it took some time (always something else to do or somewhere else to go). It's funny, but I think that the closest the place is, the longer it always takes me to go. Big Bear is only 2/2h30 hours away from L.A so I always told myself: "it's fine, I can go later" and then a later became months and months then became two years.. well, better late than never (and the wait was worthy,it was even more beautiful that I excepted).

I had the chance to have my mom visiting me last month (<3) so I thought it was the perfect time to go and spend some time with her there. Gosh, it was beautiful and relaxing and quiet and cold, I should even say very cold. It's actually hard to think that it's in California, but that's why I love this state so much, it's so diverse. Anyway, we spent the day and even though we were a bit freezing, we had an amazing time and really enjoyed it. I really can't wait to go back and spend some more time there this winter (I used to only like summer, but winter has really grown on me). All the shots have been taken with my phone so I'm sorry if the quality is not that good, but I hope you still enjoy them Xx. 
P.S: Also, if you plan to go there during winter, don't forget to have chains in your car, otherwise you won't be able to access the mountain.

-Love, Célia

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