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Home is where the palm trees are. In a little less than two months, it will be four years that I first set foot in California and I still don't think that I fully realize it. I don't really know how I made it happen and sometimes, I am not really sure how I manage to stay here, but one thing I know for certain, is that I am lucky to call this place home. I was writing a post about someplace else and to be honest, I was having a hard time finding inspiration. And then, I remembered. I don't need to look for something special to write about, I already have something special to write about: the city that I now live in, LA and all its pretty sunsetspalms.

You know, there are some moments in life that feels pretty good. Moments where everything seems to be ok and you feel like a very lucky person. Last week was one of those weeks - it was not a perfect week, it was still busy, tiring and overwhelming, but somehow it all felt good, like everything was meant to be and that every step I took so far led me to this particular moment. I moved into a new apartment the weekend before and I am truly in love with it. Well, what I like most, is the view. To be fully honest, I do miss the view of the palms that I had from my old apartment, but my new view feels very New York-ish and I love it. And I still have the palms very close by; because that's the beauty of LA, palms are all around. And the best of it all, I saw Darren Criss 3 times last week - just by sitting by my window (if someone would have told me this 4 years ago when I was watching obsessed by Glee, I wouldn't have never believed it). So tonight, instead of sharing this other post I was having an awful time writing, I just wanted to share these thoughts and these few shots (all taken with my phone) of LA. And even though I know that hard times might be coming, for now, everything feels nice and I just want to enjoy it. I just got to let tomorrow be until tomorrow *

- Love, Célia *

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