Mono Lake, California

When G. and I went to Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite National Park last July, we also went to the Mono Lake. The Mono Lake is a lake with alkaline water (there is so much salt in this lake, that no fish live in it ha). The lake is filled with tufa towers (sedimentary rocks) that are exposed above the surface. If you approach the lake, it's impressive and they look pretty big. However G. and I didn't come that close to the shore so it's only visible from very far away on my photos (it's those tiny little rocks ha). If you're curious, a quick Google search will show you what I'm trying to explain ha.
We haven't spent much time there to be honest, but I enjoyed the view and the peacefulness of the place. We, of course, could have hiked and come closer to the water, but it was so hot outside that day that all we wanted to do was go back to Mammoth and relax. (I know, the shore doesn't seem that far on the photos, but it actually kind of is ha). I do regret a little bit not walking closer and see the tufa towers (because who knows when I'll be back there - that's not really a place to base your whole road trip on), but G. absolutely didn't want to walk and I wasn't feeling like going alone. I have to admit that the place was a little creeping me out - I do have some issues with big open spaces sometimes ha. But the little I saw, did satisfy me. We could see the lake from the road (to and back from Yosemite) and that's what really intrigued me. If you come close by and have a few hours to spare, I definitely advise you to stop, it is worth seeing. 

I just have a few shots and they're all pretty similar, but I hope you will still enjoy them. This concludes the last part of my little summer road trip and one thing I know for sure, is that I can't wait for the next one. Life has been quite busy lately I and don't always have the time I wish I had to spend on my posts... However, there  are some exciting things coming up and again, I can't wait for exploring and for the next adventures. Xx

-love, Celia *


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