Seligman, Arizona

Seligman, Arizona. Little town and historic district on the route 66, on the border between Arizona and California to be more specific. Seligman is known to have inspired the Pixar movie CARS and after visiting it, I do see the resemblance. 

G. and I stopped in Seligman on our way back from the Grand Canyon and the Horseshoe Bend last May. Seligman is really small, and I will be honest, there isn't much to do. It is a quick stop on your way to Vegas/the Grand Canyon/on the route 66. It's very touristy, there are in fact buses of tourists stopping there giving the city an air of attraction. There isn't much to do apart from walking along the road and looking at the old cars and funny shops. You can also take a quick coffee and pose for pictures. Yes, there isn't much to do and you might wonder why we decided to stop there when we could have stopped anywhere else. To be honest, I was not ready to go back to LA yet, avid for a little more adventure and simply enough, Seligman was on the way. Even though, it was not really on my list (actually, it kind of was on my list - everything is always on my list) and I don't regret we stopped, in a way, it was worth seeing. Yes, it's touristy, but if you happen to be on the road not far from it and looking for a quick stop, don't look further, Seligman is the answer. Seeing these little towns on the route 66 is always nice and fun.

I have been wanting to travel more and more and every new place, even like this little one, always make me happy. I have been having doubts lately about what I am doing (it always seems to be the case), but if there is one thing that I am sure about, is that travel is all I want to do and I can't wait for doing just that. In the meantime, hope you enjoy these little shots and don't forget to live your dreams. Xx

- Xx, Célia


  1. Ces photos de l'Arizona sont tout simplement vraiment magnifiques!! Ton blog est également très beau!! Une très jolie invitation à vouloir visiter les USA!! ;)

    1. Merci beaucoup, vraiment contente que ça te plaise :) :*


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