Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown LA; the little New York as I often like to call it. Did I ever tell you that my dream was to live in New York? And even though California stole my heart, New York is not getting out of my head. One of the things that I do miss in Socal, are the tall buildings, thing that I love about New York. But no worries, if you go to DTLA, it all feels like New York and you don't need to trade the palms for the tall buildings, the magical thing is that you can have both. DTLA, is of course, not NYC, but it has its charm of his own. While DTLA has not always been very reputable in the past, things are changing and this neighborhood is getting better. I do not go very often, but enjoy it every time I do. There are many museums, restaurants and bars to go to, as well as cute districts to explore. Yes, there are some parts that are not very glamorous; it is sometimes dirty, smelly, but hey, it's downtown. I know that it's not really the place that people think of when coming to LA and most of the people will tell you to skip it, but it has its charm and I do think that it deserves to be seen.

Last weekend, L. and I spent our Saturday in Downtown and I had such a good time. After a yummy lunch at Bottega Louie (one of my next food lovers' addresses), we went for a stroll around the city, walked among the tall buildings and colorful walls, before heading to the new contemporary art museum for the rest of the afternoon (AKA The Broad). There are, of course, many more things to do in DTLA and I will write it all in the LA city guide that I am currently working on. Xx

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