25 things I have learned in life & Malibu Love

Hi loves! Today's post is not really related to travel or anything that I usually share here, but I still hope that you'll enjoy it. About a week and a half ago was my 25th birthday, and for the occasion I wanted to share 25 advice/quotes/rules that I've learned and try to follow in life. 25 things that I try to keep in mind during happy times, but also during down moments. Life is not always perfect, but no matter what, we all need to make the best of it.

1 - Always take a camera with you wherever you go. It is not only about taking pictures, it's also about capturing moments.

2 - Choose people over profits. Yes, people can disappoint you and won't always be by your side, but there are a few that will make your life.

3 - Buy the shoes.

4 - It's ok to be sad sometimes. Let yourself feel the sadness, you will heal faster.

5 - Failing is not a shame; it's a learning lesson that will make you grow and be a better person.

6 - Always tell the people you love that you love them.

7 - Exercise often. Especially when you're moody/sad/angry. 

8 - Travel often and as much as you can. Going somewhere you've never been has more power that you can imagine.

9 - Cut off from social media from time to time. 

10 - No one has his life figured out - don't stress if you don't know what you're doing. It's ok to not know what you want or where you're going. And it's ok to not be doing like everyone else - move at your own pace.

11 - Everything gets better at some point, just be patient.

12 - Be confident. Or fake it until you are.

13 - You can find peacefulness in looking at the stars. 

14 - Eat healthy, but also eat the burger and the fries. Especially the fries.

15 - A book will always be your best friend no matter the situation.  I would even say that a book is always the solution. HP is mine.

16 - It's ok to just watch TV all day sometimes.

17 - Dream, be inspired and inspire.

18 - When in doubt, stay in your bed, you'll always be safe there.

19 - The beach will always heal everything.

20 - You don't always get what you want; and sometimes you actually get something better instead. Don't fear the end of something, an end means a new beginning, new chances and opportunities.

21 - Try something new as often as possible.

22 - It's ok to say no. To anything. And you shouldn't feel guilty about it.

23 - Take the risks, nothing great ever comes out of something easy.

24 - Be kind. Too many bad things are already happening in this world.

25 - Live your life to the fullest, enjoy every minute and every moment.

Additionally, for the occasion, I went to my favorite beach/place to celebrate my birthday and spend the day. And that's a perfect timing because it was missing some beach feelings and photos around here *

- Love, Célia *

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