Mammoth Lakes, California

I have to be honest, I never used to like lakes. It might be silly, but I always associated them with something scary and had this weird feeling about it. Plus, it's not a secret for anyone anymore, but I am a girl from the beach and I never understood why I should go to the lake if I could go to the beach instead. However, I have changed my mind about it since I moved to L.A. It first started with Big Bear Lake three years ago (oh BB, I love you so), and now, I have to say that Mammoth Lakes completely won me over. I haven't been that much in love with the nature than since I started living in California. Anyway, all of this to say that now I do see lakes as a relaxing and peaceful place and I am sure you guessed it, today, we're talking about Mammoth Lakes.

For the 4th of July this year, G. and I decided to go to Yosemite (not sure that it was our best idea, but that's for a later post). I will explain it more in details in my Yosemite story, but to be short, we did not really want to go camping so we looked for a hotel around. After multiple searches, we decided to stay in Mammoth Lakes, that way, we would be able to visit another place. I usually post the stories & photos on the blog in the order I visited them; and it really would have been more logical to talk about Yosemite first, but I am so in love with the pictures of Mammoth that I couldn't wait any longer to share them.

Mammoth is located about 4:30/5 hours north of LA. The drive was pretty fast and as always, I loved the long empty roads. Road trips are definitely a medicine - all you need is good company, music and thoughtful conversations.  

Mammoth is a little town, principally known to be a ski-resort (it's of course, on my list for next winter), but also for its lakes - like its name indicates it, there are several of them. We stood at the Mammoth Mountain Inn, which I recommend - it's a nice, and well located hotel. We only spent two nights and one day in Mammoth, but even though it was pretty short, I really enjoyed the beauty of the nature, it has just been so relaxing to stay there. Of course one day was not enough to see everything and I wish I could have spent a week. 

After a yummy breakfast at the hotel, our first stop was the Horseshoe Lake, which is the only lake you can swim in. It was pretty warm that day, so we were definitely looking for a refreshing option. For the funny story (something always happens haha), we parked the car a little far and did a really short hike as we thought it's the only way to access the lake. However, when we got there, we saw a huge parking right next to it.. Oh well, at least we had a pretty view on our way. At the lake, the view was so beautiful. The water was so transparent and so blue, the mountains still had a bit of snow on top of them, it was simply amazing. I did not swim, the water was way too cold for me, but just sitting at the lake, enjoying the view and the sun was such a nice experience.

After the Horseshoe Lake, our second stop was Twin Lakes. This lake had a darker blue color (and it was really windy for some reasons) and of course, the view was also very beautiful. A lot of people were kayaking and I wish I had more time to do it as well (it will be for another time). We parked a little far from the waterfall so we walked along the lake to get closer. I cannot stress enough on how good it was to disconnect from technology and just enjoy the beautiful nature. I did fall in love with so many landscapes here in the U.S, but I still keep getting amazed by every single place I see. My photos don't really do justice to the place, but I hope you enjoy them. Xx

After that, we grabbed some late lunch in the little downtown before driving back to L.A. And as it was on the 4th, we saw so many fireworks on the way, it was pretty amazing.

- Love, Célia *

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