Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

There are little adventures and moments in life that we will never forget. It's just how it is, no matter how much time will pass, these moments will always be with us, in our heads and most importantly, in our hearts. Even more so when these moments are spontaneous, when they are something you did not expect. 

About a month ago, G. and I took a trip to the Grand Canyon. We spent most of our day there, but since we got to the park super really, we kind of reached the end super early as well (we of course did not do everything, but let's say that we saw everything we planned to). We then had two choices: go back to our hotel (in the middle of nowhere) early and don't really do anything, or keep exploring. We of course kept exploring because that's what we were there for. Before we left for this road trip, I had the idea to go to the Horseshoe Bend in addition to the Grand Canyon, but rapidly abandoned it as it was a bit too far. For the little story, I could have gone to the Horseshoe when I visited Antelope Canyon (it's right there and it's how the visit should be planned - to do both on the same day), but we didn't have time and ended up missing it. I, of course, since then wanted to go, but never really had the opportunity to and honestly had not idea when I would. However, as we were exiting the Grand canyon, I started to randomly talk about it (more exactly, I was listing the places I still wanted to see in Arizona) and that's when G. decided that since we were so close, well it was the moment to go, now or never (well, not maybe never, but who knows). I have to precise that from the South Rim of the Canyon, it's really not that close (about 2 hours of driving). But like I said, we were there and we had no idea when the next opportunity would be. So that's how at 4:30PM we decided that we were going. We had to rush a little and to be honest, I was stressed all the way that we wouldn't reach it in time before sunset and were driving extra miles for nothing... 

I realized I hadn't said it yet: for more explanation and it's pretty simple, the Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River (yes, that's all :)  

The road was amazing. The view was so beautiful and it reminded me the drive from Utah to Antelope Canyon. I have no words to describe how beautiful it was and how appeasing it felt. After rushing on the road, we arrived right on time, barely half an hour before Sunset. The Horseshoe is free to access and as it is not part of any parks, it's not so easy to find. It's on the U.S route 89 and there aren't any signs to be honest, but there should be some cars parked on the side of the road and that will be the cue. There is a little parking, but it's not that big, so you can park on the road as well. Once you park, you will have to walk a little (1.5 miles), about 15/20 minutes depending on your pace. And then you will stand there and all the pictures you will have looked at before won't prepare you for what you see. It's gorgeous and immense. There are no fences so you should be careful as it is quite high. It's kind of dangerous to be honest, but it's truly breathtaking. I am so glad we went and did 4 extra hours of driving. I was so tired after walking and driving so much, but it was so worthy. I had a hard time taking pictures though, the sun was going down right behind the Horseshoe so I don't feel like my photos are doing it justice, but I hope you still can see beauty in it. I don't have much to add today, except that it was an amazing moment that I will never forget. I am grateful that I finally was able to see it, I did not expect it at all - and all of this, was thanks to G. - from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

You know, it's so easy to not do the things you want to do. There is always a reason not to and most of all, there are always excuses. But sometimes, all you need is 30 seconds of motivation. I am glad that G. pushed me to go. I was about to say no when I realized it was 4 extra hours of driving. I am so happy that I listened to him, because now I have this unique memory. Listen to what you want to do; I know it sounds stupid to say and so cliché, but life is really too short to have regrets and think about the things you didn't do.

"You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should do them".

- Love, Célia *


  1. Nice to see all the people waiting for their picture!

    1. It is, but the good thing, is that even though it's crowded, it's really easy to get great photos without anyone else on it :)


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