14 Ways you'll be a totally different person after one year living in L.A

Hi there :) Today, it's going to be less photos and more blah blah (promise, I will try to keep it short)! I recently came across this article (recently meaning more like six months ago, but it doesn't matter right?) which describes how L.A changes you over a year in 14 ways. I thought it would be fun to check if these statements were actually true & compare who I was then and who I am now. I am definitely not the same person I was three years ago and the fact that I might be going back soon, really makes me think about these changes/L.A ways of life. I laugh a little while reading it and I hope it can make you smile too! 

1- "You'll become more laid back" - Ok, let's say that it doesn't really start well because I don't feel like I am "more" laid back than in France (I'm sometimes probably even more stressed & busy here). I am actually not really laid back compared to the general L.A population, but what can I do, I've always been an anxious person haha. However, I do feel less motivated sometimes (you know the sun & the palms makes you want to just stay outside and enjoy), does that count?

2- "You'll start assuming everyone works in "The Industry" - For my non-LA friends, the industry means the Entertainment industry, which means the movie & TV business. Well, let's say that the fact that I do work in this industry makes this statement completely true (and probably a little biased). Most of the people I know work in the industry and most of the people I meet are somehow related to it or have a story about it.

3- "You won't freak out about earthquakes anymore" - I remember the first time I felt my first earthquake; I was sitting on my bathroom floor (don't ask me why) and it felt really strange. I however, have to admit that I don't really pay attention or think about it on a regular basis. Of course I am aware of the (upcoming) big one, but well, I kind of forget about it & accept it as a risk (it does get dangerous living in L.A nowadays haha).

4- "You will become more fit (or you will try)" - This is such a cliché, but this is actually so true. Here, everyone is trying to eat healthy, goes to the gym regularly or seem to do different kind of activities on a regular basis. I even myself workout 2/3 times a week (or yes, at least try haha). To be honest, I was never really into workouts (I don't think the word sport was even in my vocabulary), but now I get moody if I don't exercise a bit... Yep, BIG change!

5- "You will have a vegan/vegetarian phase" - Again, it seems a little cliché, but it is really easy to go vegan/vegetarian in L.A as there are so many great restaurants & stores to help you through it. It does feel like it's everywhere around you. Me and G. actually tried to do some vegetarian weeks (that always ended with an In N Out though..), but I have to admit that I definitely eat less meat than back in France and often go with the vegetarian option in restaurants. As a general rule, I have to say that I am definitely trying to eat better and without getting into details, meat doesn't look very charming here..

6- "You won"t walk as much, but you'll hike more" - It takes me 15 minutes to walk to the nearest subway and I once had to walk 20 minutes to get to my bus stop. However, it takes me 5 minutes to walk to the closest hike point... Let's say that L.A is definitely not the best city for walking (everyone knows that you need a car), but it in fact, does offer so many great trails for hiking. And let's be honest, everyone is always hiking here,(or maybe I just have this impression because I live two blocks away from Runyon, i.e, one of the most popular hiking trails).

7- "Celeb sightings will not phase you" - Now that I have seen Aston Kutcher in a restaurant, my life is complete haha. I did see some celebs since I moved here and I have to say that I don't particularly try to spot them, but I still get excited when I see some of them. However, I don't really pay attention and might have crossed path with certain celebs and I am probably not even aware of it haha. 

8- "Parking will become very important to you" - Can we rename this as "Parking will become your worst nightmare"? Finding a parking spot is really hard. The hardest of it all? THE SIGNS. There are so many rules with parking that not getting a ticket or your car towed away is an everyday challenge. For my non L.A friends, let me explain this really quickly: with a parking spot comes many signs and rules: particular parking hours, limited number of hours, particular days of the week, requiring a permit, but still can park a certain number of hours allowed if no permit, etc. You sometimes face 5 different green and red signs and have to spend 10 minutes reading and understanding them all before being sure that you can actually park. The WORST one? Street cleaning when you can't park on a whole side of the street during a certain hour same day every week (no need to tell you that it makes you wish you had a personal driver ugh.. and that's when Uber comes in haha).

9- "You will slowly become numb to how much time you spend in you car" - When I was interning last summer, I used to spend two hours driving each day. Yep, two hours. When I was in France, if I was driving one hour to go to work, I was in a completely different city. Here? Just in another part of it. The amount of time I spent in the car/on the road here is crazy, but I have to say that I do get used to it and learn to do with it (because anyway I don't have a choice haha).

10- "You will start taking the beach for granted" - I used to live on an island, so I feel like I've always taken the beach for granted. And that's a huge mistake. In LA, unless you do live at the beach, it seems so far, yet it's still very close. It takes me at least 30 minutes and I tend to quickly forget about it, although you all know how much I love it.

11- "You’ll stop referring to L.A. Simply as “California” (like most east coasters do)" - Yes, L.A is in California, but Cali is so varied that yes, L.A is not just California and even though I sometimes make that mistake, I quickly realize how wrong I am as soon as I get out of town. 

12- "You’ll appreciate rain (especially during this drought)" - I love rainy days in L.A, it gives me an excuse for watching TV shows in my bed all day. Rainy L.A has, in my opinion, this very soothing atmosphere (except if you have to drive, but that's an other story). What I miss the most? Falling asleep with the sound of rain. So yes, the rain is so rare, that I never get mad when it does rain, I in fact, do appreciate it.

13- "You’ll always remember to bring your sunglasses (and keep spares in your car)" - Yes, it is sunny most of the days (ok, almost everyday) so sunglasses are always in order. However, even in France I used to always have them in my bag (even during winter, don't really know why) so well, not much of a change here, maybe just a sign that I was made to live here haha).

14- "You’ll realize just how close — Or Far — Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and San Diego are on a spontaneous road trip" - As I mentioned it several times before, what I LOVE about living in L.A, is that so many little adventures are right around the corner. 

I know that this post is different from what I usually write and publish, but change is always good right? I would like to talk more about what it is to live in L.A and I thought that this post was a nice little start. But no worries, I will be back soon with new adventures: GRAND CANYON, I am coming for you *

P.S: L.A friends, don't hesitate to comment on these statements, I can't wait to have your opinions as well :) Xx.

- Love, Célia


  1. Un peu de difficulté avec l'anglais à ce jour mais tout est bon pour progresser!! Alors la cinq... j'adore!! Merci pour ton passage sur le blog!!


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