San Diego: Sunset Cliffs

I have to come to terms with the fact that I might not be able to stay in Cali. I knew that this day would be coming eventually; when you are an expatriate, you learn how to live without certainty. It is ok to joke about it (by it, I mean the eventual departure), but it is something else to face it (and by joke, I mean that it's okay ; but only if it comes from yourself). To be honest, being back in France, I do not know how I am going to survive that. I won't have any choice because life won't stop and Earth will keep spinning, but no, I really do not know how I am going to survive that. Everybody warns you about the cultural shock when you arrive, but no one tells you about the cultural shock when you go back. What an odd feeling to feel like a stranger in your own country - I am not even there, and you see, I can already feel it. 

After three years, not only I will leave a country, a state and a city behind me, but a lifestyle; my lifestyle; myself. Yes, I'll leave myself behind; because the person I am here and the person I was there is a totally different one and the new me doesn't fit in there anymore. Having to go back after all this time feels like a setback - back to square one like nothing happened, like nothing really mattered and like all of this has just been a dream. Everything I did until this point didn't matter because it doesn't help me to stay here, it doesn't allow me to keep building what I started. But this is life, always an eternal ending and beginning. I will also be leaving another person behind me, but that's an all other story. Some others did it - they left; but how? How did they survive? I did it the first time, but it's one thing to go back after 5 months, it is another after 3 years. I never thought that it would happen to me; I was being too confident, thought I had it all figured out. That's another thing in life, when you start being too certain, life slaps you send you in the other direction. So I will have to do with it, find the positive (and I know there is some). However, all I sure about, is that I will keep traveling, loving, exploring and discovering because at the end, that's what life is all about. And I also know that it will just be a goodbye, because I live too much in my dreams to give up on them.

ANYWAY, what I wanted to talk about today was Sunset Cliffs - another San Diego little paradise. If you know me, you know how much I like San Diego. This is where all the magic started. I wish I could live this adventure all over again, feel the insouciance and the happiness all around. I love everything about San Diego and it is quite hard to pick my favorite place, but Sunset Cliffs is definitely at the top on my list. Sunset Cliffs is a natural park, loved by surfers. It's in the Ocean Beach area and on the way to Point Loma (I will tell you more about it in my San Diego city guide ;). You don't have to pay to enter and if you go during the week, it's not very crowded and you can easily find a free parking spot along the border. There isn't much to do, just admire the landscape, watch the surfers, breathe the fresh air and enjoy California. Sunset Cliffs has a little special place in my heart - I went there twice and it was both magical days. If you visit San Diego, do yourself a favor, stop there for a moment and just relax, admire and embrace life. 

"Break often - not like porcelain, but like waves."

     - Love, Célia


  1. Wahh Magnifique ! Tes photos sont très bien réalisées, j'adore. Et les petites fleurs à cet endroit là, j'aurais jamais imaginer, mais ça rend l'endroit encore plus beau ;) Tu dois bien t'amuser là bas !

    1. Merci beaucoup :) C'est vraiment un endroit magnifique, je ne m'attendais pas du tout aux fleurs non plus, mais ça a un rendu très unique je trouve :)


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