LA: Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one the beaches, in my opinion, that carries the most this Californian atmosphere that everyone love so much. In fact, if there was one beach that you would need to visit to feel the real Californian vibe, that would be this one.

Venice is located on the westside of LA, between Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey and it is a very popular place, full of tourists. If I had to choose two words to describe Venice, I would say "relax" and "bohemian". This is the place for skaters, surfers and street performers and one of the main attraction is to actually look at the skaters doing crazy figures. Venice beach is well known for its ocean front walk, its beautiful street arts, weed doctors and cute little shops. Venice is also known for its beautiful and colorful sunsets. Aside from the beach and the promenade there is also a trendy commercial street that is worth the detour: Abbot Kinney. The street is full of cute shops, nice little restaurants, coffee shops and art galleries. The name of this popular street comes from its eponymous creator, who founded Venice at the beginning of 1900's after he fell in love with Italy. To be short, Venice is unique, there is not other place like it. Venice doesn't always have a safe reputation, but it seems to be changing and Venice is now today, a very touristic place.

To be short, Venice Beach is very cool, but this is the part where a lot of people might dislike and not understand me: I am not a fan of it(that's it, I said it). Although I do love the Canals very much (one of my favorite place in LA - little story here), I am having a harder time liking Venice Beach. I know it may seem weird; almost everyone I know loves it and everyone who visits it only talks about it. To be honest, I can understand why: like I said earlier, it truly has this unique and awesome atmosphere. It's not that I completely dislike it; in fact, I do believe that this is a place that is worth visiting. I went there a couple times, most of the time when a friend or a family member was visiting. Other than that, I actually never go there to just spend the day. What is weird, is that I do like the Californian atmosphere that Venice has, but overall, it's just not a place where I feel comfortable like the other beaches I often go to; something is just off for me. Of course, the ocean is beautiful (as usual, it is really necessary to say it?), but yeah, it's just not the place I prefer (yes Célia, I think everyone got it at this point; and yes, I am that type of person that sometimes speaks to herself). I also have to say that Venice is quite far from where I live and that is another reason why I am not going there so often, thus not liking it very much. Yes, when you have to drive half an hour (if you're lucky) and fight for parking, it instantly becomes less appealing. (Yes, Los Angeles is sometimes too big, but that is why I love it).

I feel like I am being too hard on this place - even though I am not a big fan, Venice Beach is definitely an unique little city and a beach that everyone should visit and experience one time in its life. 

 Love, Célia * 


  1. Trop cool les photos, tu vis le rêve !!! Je suis trop jalouse ;) Profite !

  2. Aww merci :* (et oui c'est tellement le rêve, je veux ne jamais partir ahah)

  3. Tu ne peux pas être à LA et ne pas passer au minimum une journée à Venice. Ce quartier est tellement ouf, sur tous les plans, sur le board walk tu croise des gens venus du futur ! J'adore aller là-bas !

    1. Oui Venice est tellement unique et c'est un incontournable de L.A !


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