LA: The Getty Museum

I believe that I already said it in another post, but LA has many little treasures and this is why I love it. One of them is The Getty Center

The Getty Center is made of The Getty Museum and The Getty Villa and they are both beautiful places. However, the museum isn't really the first thing that people plan on visiting when coming to LA - if planning to visit it at all. I understand, there are many, many things to see in LA and it's not always easy to find the time to see everything when you are only coming for a short time - I didn't even know about The Getty the first time I came to LA. However, now that I know about it, The Getty Museum is such a beautiful and a wonderful museum that everyone should see and I highly recommend it if you do have some extra time on your hands. The best parts are the architecture and the exterior so even if Art is not really your thing, I can assure that the garden is worth a little detour. The garden is relaxing and the views on Westwood and LA are amazing. And as I am writing this, I realize that I actually only have pictures of the outside. The inside and the exhibitions are really beautiful as well of course, but I generally never take pictures of the inside of museums. I usually don't succeed to capture the beauty of it and I end up hiding them from everyone anyway. At the Getty, they have permanent expositions and temporary ones, an excuse to go back often. Among the permanent exhibitions are European and American Art, from the medieval times to the present. You can, by the way, admire the famous painting The Irises by Van Gogh.

The museum is free to visit, but you do have to pay $15 for parking. If you plan on visiting the Getty Villa on the same day as well (article to come :) - in the meantime, Aurélien talks about it here), you can save on parking and just pay once for the two of them. I recommend going early in the morning so it's not too crowded and you then have the all day to enjoy. There is a little café where you can eat with a view on the garden, but it is not as tasty as the one at the Getty Villa. I know that they have another restaurant, it's a little hidden (on the first floor), but I didn't try it so I can't really tell if it's good or not. The Getty is located in Brentwood (West LA), and up on a hill, so you'll have to park at the bottom and go up using a funicular (it's free). It's a really short ride, and if you go early in the morning you won't have to wait to take it. You will probably have to wait to go down though, as the crowd builds up throughout the day, but it goes pretty fast. 

I first went to the Getty in the winter, but winter in LA consists of sunny days (right now it's more than 30 degrees...) so it was very enjoyable to walk outside and explore. I went a second time last fall with my mom. She was very excited to see the French art exhibit and she also loved the view. The second time I went, it was very cloudy so we mostly spent time inside and didn't really explore the garden. I would like to go there again in the spring, once everything is blooming - I am sure it's gorgeous. Anyway, I love going to the Getty, I find it really relaxing - this is actually my favorite museum in LA.

- Love, Célia


  1. Ah oui quand même ! Ca fait longtemps qu'on en parle ! J'ai commencé par faire la Getty Villa, très belle d'ailleurs, mais tes photos et ton article m'ont donné très envie d'y passer une après-midi ! Il y a des expos sympa en ce moment ?
    Panchoandco -

    1. J'adore la Getty Villa, mais le musée reste mon chouchou; je te le conseille vivement, tu ne regretteras pas. J'adore l'exposition de tableaux, mais ça y ait tout le temps - je l'ai pas faite, mais j'ai vu qu'il y avait une exposition de tapisserie de Louis XIV qui a l'air pas mal. Après ça dépend de ce que tu aimes, mais vas-y au moins pour l'extérieur, c'est superbe :)

  2. Je viens de le faire cette après-midi du coup, et j'avoue que les bâtiments sont impressionnants. Par contre, par soucis d'environnement les fontaines étaient coupées.

    1. J'espère que tu as aimé ! Ah ok, c'est comme à la Getty Villa du coup, c'est contre la sécheresse. C'est vrai que sans les fontaines, ça n'a pas le même charme, mais je trouve ça bien qu'ils agissent.


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