Crystal Cove, California

Crystal Cove State Beach is another one of my favorite beaches - the water there is so blue and I am simply in love with it. I know I said it many times, but summer is my favorite season. Yes, it's hot and you feel sweaty, but I love being at the beach, the feeling of the sun against my skin, the hot sand on my feet, the smell of sunscreen & Monoi... The list is long and I could go on and on. Summer, for me, is a way of life and I always wait for it and always enjoy it. Maybe that is why California is such a perfect fit - it is summer much of the year and nothing couldn't make me happier. 

I know I often post beach photos, but what can I do if Californian beaches are beautiful? What can I do if nothing says more California than the beach (and the palm trees #Homeiswherethepalmtreesare). Crystal Cove is a little treasure like many of the ones you can find on the West coast. Located in Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove regroups 3 miles of Beaches, tide pools and a historical district of beach houses. Crystal Cove is a state park, so you have to pay $8 to enter and park (it's worthy and anyway, you always have to pay for parking anywhere you go...). I went there twice - the first time was last July - it was hot, the water was beautiful and I was in great company. We enjoyed walking on the beach, lying and taking pictures as usual. We didn't stay long as we decided to split the day and spend the rest of the afternoon in Laguna Beach (another little story). The best part of it all, is that I saw dolphins for the first time <3 (I first thought that it was sharks when I saw the dorsals haha, but quickly realized that it was dolphins and still can't believe I was able to see some).

The second time I went to Crystal Cove was last weekend and it wasn't planned at all. G. and I decided to spend the day in Newport Beach (another story that will come later when we finally go haha) and ended up staying all day in Crystal Cove. G. heard about an amazing restaurant and we decided to give it a try. This time, we didn't park in the park's parking, but a little up the road. In fact, there is a pretty big parking validated by the restaurant - from there, you can take a quick shuttle (for $1 per person) that drops you at the beach and the restaurant. The restaurant is called The Beachcomber Cafe and it is now one of my favorite places ever. You all know how much I love the Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, but this place is even better. It is right on the beach - you cannot do better, otherwise you would end up in the water. There is the restaurant and a little bar/lounge on the back. I highly advise you to reserve if you want to eat there, especially on the weekend. We did not, and the wait time was two and a half hour for a table.. No, we are not crazy and did not wait; we preferred eating in the lounge area. The menu is not exactly the same, but they have pretty large appetizers and I have to tell you: the food was AMAZING. The view we had was also very nice (first photo), the atmosphere was everything you love about California and we had a really great time. We were supposed to visit Newport afterwards, but we liked it so much in Crystal Cove, that we stood there all day. I cannot wait to spend more days there and I wish you to be able to do the same *

- Love, Célia.


  1. Vivement que ça se réchauffe un peu, surtout l'océan ! Ca m'a donné envie d'aller piquer une tête...

    1. Oui vivement ! L'eau est tellement glacée en ce moment.. Mais on va pas trop se plaindre, au moins on a du soleil et il fait chaud :)


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