Malibu Love - Part 2

Malibu Love * Love is all I want to talk about tonight. There are different kinds of love, but the love I want to talk about is the one I have for my mom. That's with a heavy heart and little wet eyes that I share these pictures. Nothing bad, but my mom went back to France after a week and a half spent with me here, and I won't lie, it was really sad to see her go back. Having her here was amazing, some fresh air in my life. One thing we didn't do last time she came, was to go to Malibu. I already talked about this magical place in this post, but I have to say it, I do love Malibu. It's my little paradise. We went to Pointe Dume, my very favorite in Malibu; we had a nice walk and an amazing lunch at my favorite place, The Sunset Restaurant. I cannot insist enough on how I love this place and I highly recommend it. The food is amazing and eating on the beach with the ocean right in front of you is amazing. (I lived most of my life on an island, so the beach is kind of really my thing). I never reserve to eat at The Sunset, there are always spots to sit at the bar or the lounge area. Depending on the season and the time of the day, it is sometimes crowded and you do have to wait a little (usually on weekends), but most of the time, you can find a spot easily. So yeah, we had an amazing time and I wish my mom lived here so we could have those days more often. You know when you move to another country that you won't see your family as much and it's "okay", you choose it, you know it will be tough; but on the long term, it sometimes is really difficult. However, every time I have a little downtime, Malibu always makes me smile again.

After Pointe Dume, another place I wanted to see was El Matador State Beach. Having some time on our hands, it was the perfect moment. I tried going there before that, but parking there is a huge problem. The parking is really small and in the summer, unless you arrive really early, it's almost impossible to find a spot. We tried  last year with G. and after waiting in the car for 20 minutes, we gave up. In the winter, it's easier. People mostly go to walk and don't stay as long on the beach so there is some turnaround. It will cost you $8 to park, but it's totally worthy, the view is amazing. You will have to go down the stairs to access the beach, but nothing too hard. I am so glad I finally went and can't wait for summer to spend the whole day there. I definitely love the wild look of this beach. If I had another thing to say about Malibu, is to avoid Zuma Beach (next to the road is definitely not an ideal location and I found it similar to Santa Monica beach) and try to go to the pier in the early morning to find free parking along the road - but most of all, do put Malibu on your list, you won't regret it. Xx

- Love, Célia <3

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