Calico Ghost Town, California

As I was writing the title of this post, the first thing that came to my mind was the "My heart is a Ghost Town" song. No, I am not an Adam Lambert fan, but that is what happen when you hear this song every time you turn on the radio... And since I am nice, I am putting the song right here, so you can also have it stuck in your head as you go through this post (you can thank me later :). No, music is not what I want to talk to you about today - plus if I would want to talk about something else than traveling (yes, it happens sometimes), I would talk about TV Shows & Movies first (my second addiction haha). But, traveling is all I want to talk about, always and forever (and everyone around me gets tired of it :), but if you also love traveling, I am sure you understand.

I have many more little stories to share with you, but I am often stopped by the photos that I don't find good enough or I just don't think that these are stories worth sharing. However, as I reviewed the stories that I didn't share yet, I realized that I did want to talk about Ghost Towns. There are many of them in the West and I think that it's always a fun visit to do. However, I do not particularly recommend the one I went to - I know, why bother doing an article about it huh? Well, because even though littles stories are not always positives, that's part of the fun (and it was not that bad after all). Plus, I will save you the time to visit it haha. First of all, Ghost Towns are towns that were booming during the rush gold and that are now "abandoned". There are often located in the desert, and I do think that they represent a fun stop of a road trip. 

Calico Ghost Town is located in the San Bernardino area (around 2 hours away from L.A). It was founded in 1881 as a silver mining town. When the town was flourishing, it had over 500 mines and a population of 3500 people. When the price of silver decreased and it was no longer a viable activity, people deserted and it became a Ghost Town. There are now only a few habitants and the site is considered a landmark. There is an entrance fee of $8 per person to access the town. You can wander around and look at the buildings like they were in 1880's. There are some museums, shops and restaurants as well other activities that require extra fees. Mine tours and off-road tours are also available (which seems like a fun thing to do). I and G. only went for the day so we did not spend much time there. It was extremely hot (keep in mind that it's in the desert) so it was hard to fully enjoy. The landscape was beautiful and it's fun to visit (I like old things and wondering how it was in the past, so towns like that are always attractive to me). I loved seeing the school, it felt like the one in Little House on the prairie haha).

I had a nice day, but I personally was a little disappointed. It didn't feel real, it seemed that everything was set up, more like an attraction (the town is actually now owned by an amusement park and the city has been restored to look like it did in the era it flourished). I believe that there are way better Ghost Towns to explore (Bodie, CA  and Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado are two that I would like to visit). Calico is not so bad, but like I said, it looks more like a tourist attraction. If you absolutely want to see it, you can stop on your way to Vegas; I promise that will still be a fun stop!

- With love, Célia


  1. Belles photos, belle article comme d'habitude. Je me suis même cultivé en le lisant. Mais où trouves-tu le temps de faire tout ça !?

    1. Merci Aurélien :) Contente que tu aies pu te cultiver; si je continue comme ça je vais pouvoir ouvrir un blog d'histoire haha. Je suis là depuis un petit bout de temps donc j'ai pu en faire des choses et puis Calico on l'a fait en un jour express haha.


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