Washington D.C.

I haven't finished complaining about how I miss the East Coast yet, so that is why I wanted to talk about Washington DC today. Two years ago, I spent one week on the East coast during the holidays - five days in New York (little story here) and two days in D.C.

When I was planning this trip to New York, I thought it would be fun to visit another city as well. I was hesitating between Boston and DC, but ended up choosing DC (well my boyfriend made the pick to be honest, but Boston, no worries I am coming back for you). I was a little skeptical about DC, but it was such a nice surprise and I really didn't expect to love this city that much. It was clean and beautiful, the architecture was different to the other cities I visited and last but not least, all the museums were free). I only spent two days there because I didn't expect that there would be so much to do and I have to admit that I did not prepare this trip very well. It was the kind of trip where you just go and decide later what you will do. Of course, I had some ideas of what to visit, but it was pretty vague and I really wish I had done more research and stayed longer. 

Me and my boyfriend took the plane from NYC, because once again we booked it at the last minute and the train was way more expensive. It was a really short flight and flying over New York was magical.  I would take the plane again just for that - although I really want to take a train from Grand Central one day. We first went to the hotel to drop our baggages and went out for lunch. I sadly don't remember the name of the place, but we found a delicious little Italian café with a large selection of beers from all around the world and wonderful pizzas. After that, we decided to explore a little. We had booked a city tour for the next day as it was the easiest way to visit the city in a such short amount of time, so we just decided to wander around. We took the bus in order to go to The U.S Capitol, but we first took it in the wrong way and ended up in a neighborhood with very nice houses. We got in another one and decided to stop wherever it looked interesting (I told you we were really prepared haha). We saw the U.S Capitol from afar so we decided to walk toward it, but it happened to be a very long walk and it took us forever because we stopped in every museums on the way.. It was very nice to walk around; we also found a free park with sculptures and an ice skating ring. We then walk to the White House before getting frozen yogurt (yes in December, but every season is a good season to eat frozen yogurt)and heading back to the hotel.

The next day was our city tour. I usually don't recommend city tours at all, but this one was really nice. For $45 you can get out and hop back in the bus at every major monuments. We first stopped at the Washington National Cathedral in Virginia (G and his love of cathedrals.. If I would have listened to him, we would have stayed all day). We then headed back to Downtown and went through Georgetown (I wish we had time to stop, it looked so lovely). We then went to the Jefferson Memorial and then walked to the Lincoln Memorial. We walked all the way from one Memorial to the other. We honestly didn't want to wait for another bus, but after doing it, I highly recommend walking from one to the other - it takes some time, but you can go through the Martin Luther King Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial as well. I was very excited to see the Lincoln Memorial and the view on the reflecting pool and Washington Monument is amazing. We then had a very late lunch and decided to visit the Natural history Museum before heading back to the hotel. We were exhausted and had to get up very early to get back to New York for our last day.

We didn't visit everything because we simply didn't have enough time. I also wished we could have visited all the museums (especially the  National Air and Space Museum as well as the Botanic Garden) and the Arlington Cemetery. If you decide to visit DC (and I highly recommend it), don't make the same mistake as I did and stay at least three or four full days, I promise you won't regret it. 

Oh, and I loved their Sponge Box mailbox. Yes, you read me well, there was a Sponge Bob mailbox and that was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. 

- Love, Célia

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