Lake Arrowhead, California

Weekend getaways. I love getaways and the wonderful thing with LA is that tons of little getaways are always right around the corner. I am currently organizing future trips and the very next one will be another weekend in Big Bear; a snowy Big Bear this time. I am really excited to see the lake, the snow and drink an amazing smoothie. I'll of course tell this little story on the blog, but in the meantime, I wanted to share another old one. The Lake Arrowhead was another Lake that I was very excited to visit because I really like Big Bear. Only two hours away from LA, it was looking like a nice little trip. I chose to only spend a day and I didn't really prepare anything because I really expected something similar to Big Bear - the plan was to walk around a little, take some pictures and grab a bite.

The road was fast - as always, in order to persuade G. to go somewhere, I tell him that I'll drive, but I never do haha. I can't decide if I prefer to be the driver or the passenger during road trips - both have their advantages and I find it hard to choose between the pleasure of driving in these new, amazing landscapes, and the pleasure of just sitting, looking and enjoying the view. I used to not like driving that much, preferring to have more time to admire the view, but after my road trip to Utah, I realized that driving is actually really enjoyable. I find that driving makes the memory more intense and gives you this incredible feeling of "I drove there, that was me". I know I am getting a little away here and to get back on the subject, since it was only a two hours drive, we arrived there a little after 11A. However, we were quite surprised - the lake is private and you can't really access it. The only way to walk around it is from the "little downtown", the center of the city where most of the shops are. It's not really what we expected, but it was still nice to walk around. However, there wasn't really any places to sit and relax, only some benches along the border and a little area with synthetic grass - not the little paradise of Big Bear as you can imagine.

Even though we were a little disappointed (that's what happen when you don't do any research beforehand, lesson learned!), we sat down and enjoyed the sun and a view that was still very nice. After that, we grabbed a bite in a restaurant; nothing fancy, a lemonade, a tasty sandwich and sweet potato fries (my favorite - since I discovered them in San Diego, I only swear to them) and we then took the road back to LA. On the way back, we stopped to admire the view of the mountain. It was a nice day, not really what we expected, but a relaxing moment. If we had more time, there was several hiking trails that we could have done and they allow you to see the lake from above - like in Big Bear - an excuse to go back maybe?
If you don't have much time around, I wouldn't really recommend it - Big Bear is much better and I promise, you'll have more fun. However, if you happen to have some extra time, the Lake Arrowhead could be a nice quick stop during your road trip. 

- Love, Celia

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