We will always have Paris

We will always have Paris. Paris, the city of love. Paris, now also the city of pain. After this weekend, Paris is all I want to share about. I have been upset at everyone posting anything else. I have been troubled by people acting like all of this didn't happen. Maybe it's just that it doesn't affect them as much as it affected me. I spent my weekend watching the news and scrolling through social media with tears on my face. My country has been hurt and it hurts me. It is also not easy to live this while being thousands of miles away - I felt guilty for anything I was doing. I felt guilty for being circled by palms rather than emptiness and sadness. I have all of these thoughts in my head and they all lead to one thing: Paris. However, I don't want to talk more about sadness. I want to share more about positive little things. I have this bursting desire to share happiness  to share love, to be with everyone I love; but I don't really have the words. For some reasons, it still feel weird to be publishing anything. That's why, I will just stop here and publish this beautiful comment that was in The New York - it says it all about France. It reminded me that even thought I chose to leave it, I love my country so much. And Paris, oh Paris, you are beautiful. You always have been and will always be. No matter what anyone is doing to you.

"France embodies everything religious zealots everywhere hate: enjoyment of life here on earth in a myriad little ways: a fragrant cup of coffee and buttery croissant in the morning, beautiful women in short dresses smiling freely on the street, the smell of warm bread, a bottle of wine shared with friends, a dab of perfume, children paying in the Luxembourg Gardens, the right not to believe in any god, not to worry about calories, to flirt and smoke and enjoy sex outside of marriage, to take vacations, to read any book you want, to go to school for free, to play, to laugh, to argue, to make fun of prelates and politicians alike, to leave worrying about the afterlife to the dead. No country does life on earth better than the French.Paris, we love you. We cry for you. You are mourning tonight, and we with you. We know you will laugh again, and sing again, and make love, and heal, because loving life is your essence. The forces of darkness will ebb. They will lose. They always do."

- Lots of Love.


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