All I want for Christmas is New York

I was waiting for December to post this, but it's only a day away and I am already such in a Christmas mood. It is always a particular sensation to spend Christmas in LA. It's actually hard to get in the mood with a shinny sun and palms all around. However, with Black Friday, I have spent most on my weekend in malls and I love how decorated they were. The trees are huge and beautiful, the lights are magical and the Christmas songs are so nice to hear! So to be short, I got in the mood and now I can't wait for Christmas!

One of my dreams was to spend Christmas in New York. If this city always makes me dream, spending Christmas there makes me feel like this is a paradise. I always wanted to walk down the street with a hot chocolate in my hands, see the beautiful lights, the huge tree at the Rockefeller center and ice skate in Central Park. New York carries this magical Christmas atmosphere and I wish that everyone could spend one Christmas there in his life. 

So two years ago (it has been too long already) I had the chance to spend one week on the East coast and five days in New York during Christmas and it was wonderful. The only minus thing, is that it was way too crowded. I felt like it was easier to visit the city back in spring than it was during this time. It was raining during the first day so we decided to spend it at the Natural History Museum. I love this place so much that I know that I will go there every time, even though I certainly need to visit other museums.. We spent the first night in Times Square, but it was way too crowded for me to fully have fun. The second day, we enjoyed walking around the fifth avenue, the Rockefeller center and its beautiful ice skating ring. We went up the top of the rock again, but this time at night & the view was breathtaking. It was very cold and windy, but it was so worthy. After that, we went ice skating in Bryan Park. Ice skating in the middle of the city, surrounded by tall buildings and a big Christmas tree was a dream come true. For our next day, we walked around Central park. I always wanted to see the park under the snow, but it wasn't for this time. It was still very beautiful and I am so glad I got to see it that way. It was so different than during the spring, but still so charming. For our fourth day, we finally went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It was very very very cold, but the view you get of Manhattan is amazing. The statue is tall and impressive and I am glad I finally got to see it that close. We went up to the pedestal, but not in the crown as it was sold out. Make sure to reserve your tickets (here) at least three months in advance if you want a chance to go all the way up. Once we got back from it, we walked a little around Wall Street. I wish we would have gone to visit Brooklyn a little bit, but once again we didn't have enough time. In fact, we left for DC the next day and that's an all other story :) We had another day in NY after DC, but unfortunately it was raining so much that we just got lunch and decided to wait at the airport.

I truly enjoyed every moment I spent in New York and I can't wait to visit it again as there are so many things I still haven't done yet. Spending Christmas there is a magical vacation and I would also like to spend New Year there one day. However, I still believe that the best time to visit New York is during spring. It's not cold and not too hot and it's definitely less crowded than in Christmas. However, like I said and I am contradicting myself, a Christmas in New York is definitely something to experience.

I hope you guys have fun Christmas plans this year and are excited about it. In the meantime, here is a little music to get us all in the mood * 

_ Love, Celia

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