Malibu, California

Malibu. Malibu is this place that always makes me dream. I love the beautiful houses and I like to imagine what it would be to live in one. I like to imagine what it must feel waking with a view on the ocean everyday; feeling the bliss and enjoying a breakfast outside every morning. Well, to make it short, I love Malibu, and I love going to the beach there. There are several beaches that are worth a trip (El Matador), but my favorite one is Point Dume. I truly love going there and try to go every time I can. I have very good memories and one of the best was the time I spent on my birthday. What is a better birthday than one at the beach? I love the beach, I always have. I have lived by the beach as long as I can remember. I am a beach girl and even though I have sometimes gotten away from it, it always drags me back. I don't think that I could live far from it for too long. It has and will always be home.

So yes, Malibu is one of my very favorite places in California. And Point Dume is the place that you definitely should go to if you are visiting. You can park the whole day for $8 and there is a wonderful restaurant called The Sunset Restaurant right by the beach. The food is truly amazing (my favorite fish tacos ever) and there is nothing better than eating with a view on the ocean. The last time I went to Point Dume, there even was a sea lion swimming next to me. I love seeing them free like this (once the moment "Omg there is a shark" is over). It's for me such a relaxing place, I wish I could go there everyday. 

The nice thing about Malibu is also to drive through it on the Pacific Cost Highway. You can see the houses and enjoy once again a beautiful view. It's also nice to stop at the pier and Malibu Farm.

The pictures are coming both from my camera & my phone. They are from different days and different seasons - some were taken in February (yes, the Californian weather is definitely the best). Hope you guys enjoy it :)

 "Some days you will feel like the ocean.
Some days you will feel like you are 
drowning in it."
— Healing Is An Up-And-Down Process, Lora Mathis

- Love, Célia.


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