Miami, Florida

Miami Beach was amazing, but Miami, this is not only the beach, it's also a city. I did take a tour bus to visit downtown (I am not a fan of tour buses, but in that case, it was very practical and a way to avoid myself the hassle of renting a car and driving). The bus stops several times so you actually have the time to explore and it also comes with a tour boat which is really cool. The tour goes through downtown, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Little Havana. I particularly loved Little Havana; I loved the atmosphere, the little shops (especially the cigar ones).

I did not like the tour bus that much, but the boat one was nice. You get to see Miami from afar and I love this view of the buildings looking at the ocean. The tour also goes around Star Island (where all the stars live of course) and shows you the beautiful houses. Well, I didn't really listen which stars were living where because I honestly didn't really care and didnn't think that it's the truth (and once again, who really cares right?). The only cool thing is that you can see the house from Scarface! I don't really think I would recommend this tour, especially if you are planing on renting a car - I really think that this is better to go and explore by yourself, but sometimes it does make things easier. 

I don't have much more to say because like you read in the previous article, I mostly spent my time in Miami Beach (and all my thoughts are there) - so I will let you guys (hopefully) enjoy the pictures!

- With love, Célia

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