Miami Beach, Florida

Hi there! I am happy to finally talk about Miami, the Magic City! Well, to be more specific, I am going to talk about Miami Beach. Today, because yesterday was the last day of August and it does feel like the end of summer (although I know, it's LA so it's practically summer all year) and I felt like it was the perfect moment to write about this trip. I had the chance to end my summer last year by spending a week in Florida and it was amazing. Miami has always been on my bucket list and I always knew that I would go there one day. I have a lot of US cities on my list so it's always hard to pick, but well, I was really excited about Miami. I have to say that I was very surprised (in a good way) by this city. I know that there are a lot of mixed thoughts about Miami and several people were wondering why I was going to spend a week there rather than somewhere else. In their mind, there wasn't anything to do, and I can't insist enough on how much they were wrong. Not only there is a lot to do in Miami, but there is also a lot to visit around. The Everglades and The Keys are very close by and they are definitely worth a visit (posts to come on later on ;).

So like I said, I was very surprised with Miami. Yes, it was everything I imagined, everything that the city is known for. It is also very (very) humid (it's not a surprise that my hair did not like it) and I did need some time to get used to it. However, Miami was also way more. There is this vibe that you won't find anywhere else. This white sand beach, a beautiful and warm blue clear water, a lovely and famous Art Deco district (even more beautiful at night), (truly) amazing food , fun bars, etc. I had an amazing week and fell in love with this city (so much that I was even considering moving there). I also fell in love with the little lifeguard houses; they are all different and of course when I realized that, I had to see them all! However, September is definitely not the best time to go as this is the tropical season (I would recommend spring). It was really hot and sunny, but it was suddenly starting to rain like crazy for a short time before being sunny again. I was not expecting so much rain, but I have to admit that it felt pretty good after not having it for such a long time in LA. Plus, if you adapt your schedule to it (wake up early to enjoy the beach and make sure to have lunch while it's raining), it's not that bad (and the tickets are really cheap for this season so it's a plus). I also have to say that it's very touristic and I was a little annoyed with all the restaurants trying to attract you every time you walk pass them. 

To keep it short, I mostly stood in the Art Deco district (since that's where my hotel was) and enjoyed the beach and bars a lot. I loved Espagnola way (a pretty street with very good restaurants). I also dedicated three days to visit Miami Downtown, The Everglades and The Keys. I did not do everything (Key Biscayne, I promise I'll visit you next time) - it was more a relaxing type of vacation this time. I usually visit so much and come back more tired than I leave (but I know, that's what travels are for), so it was a good change.

To finish, I have to say that Miami is a growing city, always changing and definitely surprising. I loved you Miami, you were amazing and I cannot wait to come back.

- With love, Célia

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