Key West & Bahia Honda, Florida

Here we are: the last story of my time in Florida. It has been a year since I took this trip and I can't believe how fast time flies. This week in Florida has been so amazing, I will never forget about it and I can't wait to go back because I truly loved it. I know that I haven't visited everything, so there are even more reasons to go back. Last year, on this exact same day, I was in Key West. The Keys have been on my bucket list for such a long time. I was so eager to ride on these bridges, cross all these little islands and admire all of this beauty. The keys are a line of islands down Florida and the closest point to Cuba (You can check the map on my travel page for a more accurate location :)

I do have to admit that I have been pretty unlucky that day. However, even though I am usually very annoyed when a very expected trip doesn't turn out like planned, I still do have a good memory about this one. First, it was all of my fault, I was completely unprepared. I knew I wanted to go, I knew the road and that was it; I was sure I could figure the rest later once on site. BIG MISTAKE! I should really have done more research about what to visit/what to do. I decided to only spend a day and it wasn't enough at all - one night is the bare minimum. But well, one day it was! We took the road in the morning, there wasn't much traffic so it was pretty fast to reach the beginning of the Keys. I checked the weather all week and it was always sunny, but as we hit the beginning of The Keys, it started to pour rain like crazy (I will never believe you again, Apple weather). We did most of the road under the rain, which made it hard to fully enjoy the view. However, it was still very beautiful and such a unique trip. And right now I just realize how happy I would be if I could move out there (I'll watch Bloodline one more time, it will pass..). 
So we arrived in Key West around 11AM and miracle, the sun was back! We decided to get a quick breakfast (did I tell you that Cuban restaurants are the best?) and it was delicious. But as soon as we finished (and as I was so ready to start visiting), it started to rain again and it was impossible to stay outside. So after going to the Hemingway home, we unfortunately had to go back.. Well, that was fast. I really regret not spending enough time there as this is truly a great little city. The atmosphere is so different and I remember being amazed by the little chicken running down the street!  

So yes, that day wasn't a success so far and I realize that I should have just called this post Bahia Honda, that would have been more true. Because yes, a bad thing always triggers a good one (stay positive) so we stopped at a state beach that I have found earlier during my research (I guess I was prepared after all). For $7 you have an access to paradise. Yes, that's all it costs, $7. Bahia Honda is a little hidden state park gem and I cannot fully describe how beautiful the beach is. It's very intimate, right in the middle of the keys and one of the best place I visited (my pictures don't do it justice at all!). Even though it was still cloudy, I truly enjoyed the clear and warm water, the white sand and it is today, one of my best memories <3. 

(I only have a few pictures, but as you figured out, the weather didn't help me that day..).

 "Do it or don’t. It’s amazing how many things in life are that easy."

- Love, Célia

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