Santa Barbara, California

Hi there! Tonight I want to talk to you guys about Santa Barbara. I first wanted to change a bit and not talk about California, but the moment is just too good to miss it. I went to SB last weekend and I feel a little nostalgic about it because it was my last day trip with an amazing friend that I met earlier this year. I might have said this before, but I have had a hard time making good friends in this city (maybe because it's too vast, or because I'm not as cool as I think I am haha?). But well, it was nice to have her around and there was not a weekend when we didn't do anything (well there were some, but they were rare). We wandered a lot around LA and the great thing about our little day trips, is that we were thinking alike (and that's how we ended up spending an afternoon taking pictures in front of walls or eating frozen yogurt for lunch).

Let's get back to the main topic here: Santa Barbara. Located an hour and a half away from LA, SB is a cute little place to visit. I went there twice to be exact. The first time was two years ago on my way to San Fransisco and the second time last weekend (I know I just said it, but it's to make sure that you are following me here haha). The first time was just a quick stop and it was in March and in the morning so it was anything but foggy. I didn't feel like I actually got to explore much, but it was still nice to visit a new city. Last weekend, we definitely had more time. We arrived pretty early and of course it was foggy again, but it rapidly got sunny and warm. We first walked on State Street, did some shopping and visited the contemporary art museum before we headed to the pier. The pier was so nice and as it is not closed up with barriers, we ended up sitting there for two hours, talking about everything and anything at the same time. It was relaxing to enjoy the sun and the view was amazing. We finished the day by going back to State Street to get a (very) late lunch. On our way back home, we found a little beach with a railroad (so of course we had to stop and take some pictures). 

I really had a lot of fun that day, and after moments like this, I really realize that there isn't any other place where I would rather be. My life is in California now and even though I am avid for new adventures and always want to go everywhere, I know that this is where I belong. I have to admit that it's not always easy and there are days where it seems easier to go back, but that's the last thing I want (even tough I terribly miss my family and friends. I also sometimes feel guilty for abandoning them all, but I know the people that truly love me, understand it)."I still love the people I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them"
So like I said, I had a lot of fun visiting SB, and I highly recommend going there - you can quickly stop during a road trip, I promise, it's worthy. 

- With love, Célia


  1. Trop jolie Santa Barbara :)
    C'est sur ma to do list aussi hihi

    Ines ☮♡

    1. Oui il faut vraiment que tu y ailles, ça vaut le coup ;)


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