Zion National Park, Utah

Two months ago, I went with a group of friends to Arizona (another post will come of it) and Utah and I had such a great time! I visited Zion National Park and this is literally what got me excited to start this blog a second time. After not going out of L.A for quite a long time, I just fell into this ordinary life circle: school, internships, jobs, responsibilities,... (I know it seems boring just by saying it) and I literally forgot what brought me here in the very first place. But well, this is life and people often forget that even though you're on the other side of the world, life goes on and you're not just having fun and visiting new places everyday. So when I got offered this road trip, I was really excited and thanks to it, I felt this flame of adventure in me once again. To be honest, I forgot how good it felt and since this trip, this flame keeps growing again and I often feel torn between building a career or quitting everything and traveling the world (T H E dilemma of my life). I had this big emptiness after this trip; you know the kind of emptiness that makes you terribly bad and still good at the same time; the kind where you can't do anything expect think about it and simply wait for it to pass. ("But then it passed, as all things do." -  Khaled HosseiniAnd the Mountains Echoed).

All of this to say that I fell in love with Zion and Utah in general; and I cannot wait to do a real big road trip around it (I am always talking about it since I came back), because well it has so many national parks and treasures that deserve to be seen. Not only did I love the destination itself, but I also loved the road (even though more than 20 hours of driving in three days felt a little too much). It was filled with laughter, beautiful landscapes, amazing friends and food (we all know that there is nothing better than having an excuse for eating snacks all day). I also didn't have any service on my phone, and it felt so relaxing; no texting, no social medias, it was a true vacation (I have to admit that I was freaking out the first two hours; screens addition, the disease of the century!).

We arrived in Zion at night and when I realized that the road that we were on was curved and going up I started to freak out; I could already see the car falling down haha (I told you I was  adventurous ;). All of this of course was making me laugh (not because it was actually funny, but because I was exhausted of the driving and it was already 3AM). I was relieved to have arrived and finally get some sleep - but it was freezing and I couldn't fall asleep (I forgot to mention that we were camping and I hadn't camped since I was three so I guess I was a little rusty). However, the cold night and the lack of sleep only made the memories better and I'm now smiling when I think about it. When we finally went through Zion during the day, I was so amazed by the beauty of this park, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Every time I travel somewhere new in the U.S, I am amazed by how different each place is from one another and how diversified this country is. We only stayed a day so you can imagine that it wasn't enough as you can easily spend a week in the park. There are so many different hikes to do and I regret that we didn't have enough time to do them all. I know that I will return to Utah and I know that Zion that will be on my list, it's only a matter of time. I only have one last thing to say: you've been good Utah, see you soon. 

And it wouldn't be a true Zion trip story without the song that goes with it! Because well, each road trip has its song and we spent ours with Calvin Harris).

- With love, Célia


  1. Oh my, how amazing! Great images and truly inviting to visit!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it definitely should be on your list, this is such an amazing place!

  2. PS, do you have Google Plus? I would love to follow your blog post from time to time, and Google Plus is excellent for that :) cheers and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I do have one. I am new at it, but I'll definitely use it :) Thank you and have a wonderful weekend too!


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