San Diego: La Jolla

After the first post comes the second one (I know my logic is impressive :). Just to say that if the first post was related to the first place that truly changed my life, the second should be similar (don't worry, I'm leaving this logic after this post!).

La Jolla is another place in San Diego where I spent most of my time as this is where I was going to school. I didn't know much about this little paradise before visiting it, but it turned out to one of my favorite spots in San Diego. I was also surprised about how cold it was! Located on a hill, it is pretty windy and me and my flip flops we felt pretty out of place in January. It's actually a funny story (well if you can be amused by anything like I am haha); I was too excited to leave my little French town and didn't think about actually checking the weather in winter. I ended up packing only shorts and sandals and had to buy sweaters and sneakers during my first week (and eventually a second luggage when I left because I had bought too much!)

What I love about La Jolla, is the shore. It is a very nice place to walk and I love seeing the sea lions in their natural environment. Aside from the shore, I didn't visit much more and I regret it. I know that there are a lot of little cute shops and restaurants and can't wait to try it out next time I'll go there.

 - With love, Célia

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