Big Bear Lake, California

One thing I like about living in L.A is that you are close to everything - by everything, I mean the beach, the mountains or the desert. It is a pretty fast drive to reach it and it always create the perfect getaway weekend (yes, because sometimes even though I love L.A, I need some little vacation from it and it's amazing and clear traffic :).

One of my favorite places to go for the weekend is Big Bear Lake. Ski resort in Winter or Lake resort in Summer, Big Bear is for me an amazing relaxing place (I have never been there during the winter yet, but it's definitely on my list for next December/January! - I am not very good at knowing the snow forecast haha). The first time I went there, it was right at the beginning of spring and you will see that the water level was higher than the second time I went (last May) due to the California drought. Big Bear offers so many activities, but to be honest, I just like to relax by the lake or hike and enjoy the fresh air. In my personal opinion, the best hike that you can do is the Castle Rock Trail one. It's moderate and a little hard at the beginning (especially if you're not a great sportsperson like me). But as much as you hike, you start seeing the lake and once you reach the top of Castle Rock, it offers a 360 degree view that takes your breath away (and the pictures don't do it justice). I do have to warn you that reaching the top of the rock is pretty dangerous (at least it was a lot for me because yes, I'm so adventurous, but mostly because I'm short and the spaces between the rocks were too big for me). In fact, the spaces between the rocks were sometimes pretty big and I couldn't stop imagining that I'm going to fall and stuck there (but there was a little kid doing it so I figured that I could do it as well haha). You'll see one picture of me lying on the rock - I literally didn't want to move from there (and was crying from the inside). Even though I found it a little scary, I totally recommend it, because like I said earlier the view is truly a m a z i n g. 

Also, if you're looking for a nice place to eat, I recommend Amangela's located on the main street of Big Bear  and take the Angela's special bagel and a blueberry smoothie, you won't be wrong! 

 - With love, Célia

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