Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Like I said in the previous post, two months ago I went to Utah with a group of friends. We also went to Arizona and it definitely confirmed how much I love road trips. It was a little paradoxical for me to finally go to Arizona and not visit the Grand Canyon (because, well it has been two years and I still don't understand myself why I didn't go). So I went to visit Antelope Canyon. I was really excited to discover this place after seeing many pictures of it everywhere.

Antelope Canyon is owned by the Navajo Tribal and the only way to visit the Canyon is through their private tour companies. There are two Canyons (Upper and Lower) and we visited both. The upper one is in the desert and in order to reach it you have to ride on their little trucks and it was such a fun part. It moves a lot so be careful about your belongings and don't open your mouth because it's windy and there is so much sand (I made that mistake, so please don't do the same you'll regret it). The upper tour is not a round  trip and you will have to go through the same way to exit. It's at the ground level, pretty small and it gets very crowded so I felt that it was hard to fully enjoy the place. We also went during the afternoon, so we missed all the beams (sad face), but it was still very pretty. Our tour guide was awesome, very understanding of us taking millions of pictures and also came up with fun ideas.

After that, we went on and visited the Lower one. The Lower Canyon is cheaper ($20 for Lower and $25 for Upper) although the tour is longer (well, I guess that not all things are logical). Our tour guide was once again very nice; it felt very authentic and he told us many facts about the history of this place. It feels more like a Canyon as you actually have to use stairs in order to get down. It's pretty impressive and awesome! Like for the Upper one, the guide will also help you with your camera settings and even take certain particular pictures for you so you don't miss the specialty.

After visiting both canyons, I would recommend you to do the Lower one. It's less crowded, the tour is longer and I personally found it prettier. Plus, it's not a round trip, so you really go through it. If you have more time and more means, you can also do a photo tour. It's a smaller group, longer tour and it gives you the opportunity to take amazing pictures! 

I actually have had a hard time selecting the pictures for this post because, well, it was mostly rocks and I don't think that my photos fully portray the beauty of this place. Although the tour guide helps you setting up your camera, I had to play with it a little. I am not fully satisfied with it, but I hope you guys will like it and that it will eventually give you the desire to go. The guide will also tell you to not take pictures of the ceiling sky, but you shouldn't listen to him. It can actually make great shots and well if it doesn't look like anything, at least you tried. To finish, this is definitely a place that I recommend if you're going through Arizona, it deserves to be seen! This post ends my weekend road trip and all I can say is that I'm impatiently waiting for the next one.

"Let's go somewhere"

- With love, Célia


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